Unusual But Useful Kitchen Tools

Gadgets are great. People are always trying to come up with weird and wonderful tools to help make life easier and, while there are a lot of flops out there, there are also some which are a real hit!

I am such a sucker for finding the most unusual kitchen tools on Amazon and every year for birthdays and Christmas, my friends and family come up with new weird gifts to give me to use in the kitchen. Sometimes they’re naff, but these are my favourites that I actually use all the time!

Microwave S’more Maker

This one was given to me as a joke but I actually really like it! And it works incredibly well for something so cheap. There’s no denying that smores aren’t the most convenient thing t make, what with fire being the main component, but this machine lets you just throw all the ingredients in the microwave and gently compresses them to make the perfect smore, every time.

Roll N Pour

Maybe it’s because I’m weak and haven’t been hitting the gym as hard as I should be doing, but those four gallon┬ácartons of juice are heavy! It’s a bit of an inconvenience to have to use two hands just to get some orange juice. Enter the roll n pour. It’s a contraption that holds the juice and rocks so you are easily able to pour big tubs.

Avocado Slicer

Did you know that 1000 people are admitted to hospital every day with avocado related injuries? Well, it’s true. But this can easily be fixed with the avocado slicer. With a multi-function use that makes it easy to slice the avocado, core it and scrape the skin. No injuries necessary!

Carrot Sharpener

Don’t laugh at this one, it genuinely looks like a giant pencil sharpener. But its use isn’t just novelty, it actually works really well to peel carrots too. Of course, the sharpened tips are an added bonus.

Oreo Dipper

Don’t you just hate it when you’re eating an entire pack of Oreos and dipping them in milk and your hands get all sticky and wet from the milk? Well, that problem can be solved with the Oreo dipper! Looking kind of like a shepherd’s staff, you simply hook the Oreo onto it and use the handle to dip your cookie in the milk, no mess required!

Citrus Juice Sprayer

This one is just perfect for spritzing salads and flavouring certain cuts of poultry and it’s literally so easy to use, you’ll wonder why you never bought it before! Just stab the straw into the fruit like orange or lemon, then spritz away until none of the juice is left.

Spaghetti Twirling Fork

Twirling your own spaghetti is for peasants. This fork takes away all the hassle of eating spaghetti. Instead of twirling on a spoon like an idiot, just stick this fork in your spaghetti, press the button and nom away on the juicy, stringy, carby goodness. You can even remove the fork bit and put it in the dishwasher. Amazing.

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