Raw Food Recipe For Your Dog

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that, apart from, my two dogs are a big love of mine and a massive part of my life. People really aren’t joking when they say having a dog is like having kids, I spend so much time making sure they’re well taken care of and are getting the very best when it comes to dog accessories, toys and, of course, food!

Our newest dog, and my very own baby, Pepper, has some medical issues. She has a very sensitive skin disposition and when she was first admitted to the kennels (she was adopted), she was red raw with barely any fur. She had no diseases or illnesses so the kennels set to work on assessing her eating habits to see if it was an allergy or intolerance.

After some trial and error, they found that a raw food diet cleared up her skin tremendously and now she is happy, healthy and doesn’t itch any more than a normal dog. At first, we bought her food in bulk from a supplier and it was just exactly what it said on the tin. 500 grams of pure, mushed up meat. She loved it, of course, because she’s a pig. But I started looking into how to make my own that was even healthier and better.

I found a few recipes online and had to try a few out and adjust the recipe to fit Pepper’s need perfectly. So, here is my final product, which is still adjusted now and then, but on the whole this is what I make.

I tend to spend a coupleĀ  of hours every fortnight making a batch in bulk and then I separate it out and freeze so it will keep for longer.


4.5kg raw minced beef

18 hardboiled eggs (including shells)

1.5kg cooked white rice

1 tube of omega fatty acid supplement

Dinovite daily dog suppplement

The extra supplements help to give your dog everything they need as well as vitamins and minerals that are normally found in dry mixer and tinned dog food. This recipe makes enough servings for 600g per day, every day for around 14 days.

How to Make

In a VERY large bowl or even a bucket, crush the eggs into really small pieces and add the cooked rice once it has cooled.

Then, add the tube of omega fatty acid supplement before mixing in the raw minced beef.

Mix it entirely until the mixture is thoroughly combined.

To store the dog food mix, portion it out into freezable containers and store in your freezer, you can even make little beef patties to give as a morning treat to get them going.

Make sure the food is thoroughly thawed before freezing and never microwave or cook the portion.

Sometimes, I do throw in extra vegetables like green beans or carrots for extra vitamins, but I do this sparingly as the supplements tend to have everything the dogs need for a well-balanced diet.

So have a go making your own raw dog food, I bet your four-leggedĀ babies will love it!

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