Hungry Hannah

I hope you find my blog well and that everything is in order when you land on Big Appetite!

I’m Hannah and, as the name of my food blog suggests, I have a very big appetite! I love to eat, I love to cook and I love to feed people. My partner is always complaining that he’s put on plenty of weight since we got together and it’s because I love to cook amazing meals for him nearly every day.

Food has always been one of my big passions and, even though I never pursued it professionally, it’s still something that I care about every single day.

Hannah the Eater

I wish I could say my journey with food has always been easy and successful, but it hasn’t. Of course, everyone has problems with food and their body image when they’re a little younger, but I struggled immensely. I was a chubby child that was only exasperated by my busy parents who worked tirelessly to provide a life for us, but let nutrition slide to the wayside as a result.

I don’t blame them, of course, they worked so hard and worked long hours to be able to provide a comfortable life for me and my two sisters and I will forever be grateful to them for that. But, as a result, I got overweight very quickly. It wasn’t until I got to my teenage years, when body image was everything that I started to make changes to my diet and how I ate.

Taking food technology classes helped with my technical skills in the kitchen, learning about food safety and how to make a few things, but my education in nutrition came from combatting my fitness (or lack thereof) and learning how my body worked and what it actually needed.

I’m now a fully qualified personal trainer and nutrition is a big part of that. I still eat a lot and, trust me, I indulge my fair share, but I’m sensible now that I know all about the food that goes into my body.

Hannah the Person

While food is a massive part of my life, it is only a part of that. I don’t just eat to survive but I  eat to really live and enjoy life. My life outside of food is plentiful too, though and I feel like I’m always really busy and have so much going on!

I grew up in a small village in the Peak District with my parents and two sisters and I had an incredible early life. Roaming about fields for hours and generally being an average kid. Then, when I came of age, I moved to Liverpool for university where I studied International Journalism. At the time, I thought that was what I wanted to do, but things changed and although I completed university, I never pursued a career in that field.

I’m now a digital marketer but completed my personal trainer qualification just last year! I tend to only have friends and family as clients right now but I’m hoping to change that in the future when I’m in a better position financially.

After five years in Liverpool, I am soon moving back to the Peak District, where me and my partner and our two dogs will start the rest of our lives in the countryside as a happy little family. We’re still working some things out but we’re really excited to begin a family life in the country!

Hannah the Blogger

And so, onto the blog. I set this up after wanting to exercise my writing a little more. Since finishing university, I hadn’t had much time for creative writing, even doig Journalism it was all factual and not fun. So, I wanted a way to do that just as a hobby!

There are a few things I’m interested in and I wanted to keep all my loves seperate so I split my blogs into different categories. You’ve found my food one!

On Big Appetite I will, obviously, be talking all things food and nutrition and recipes and kitchen. There will be recipes, food advice, tips on healthy eating as well as advice for keeping your kitchen in top condition and having the best utensils up for offer in your kitchen drawers and cupboards.

I really appreciate feedback and advice, I may be a marketer but I’m still learning! I’m not trying to become an influencer (although blogging for a job would be so cool!), I just want to share my thoughts on food and kitchens and maybe build up a little community of foodie friends.